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Edit Process Memory

Edit Memory

Just follow the next steps:
  1. Click on the Task Manager and select the desired application.
  2. Click on Edit Memory button.
  3. Let's assume you are modifying a game. You have 199 resources. You have to search in the memory for 199. Click on Find to search all memory addresses that contain the desired value. It will display all the memory addresses containing 199.
  4. Now to find the exact memory address you have to play a few seconds to harvest more resources. Let's assume you have now 203 resources.
  5. Click on Find Next and search for 203.
  6. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until we get only one result.
  7. Double Click on items from first list view to add them into the second list view. Now you can modify the addresses by double clicking each address or use right click to display a pop up menu that can provide further help.
  8. You can use the Save button to save the addres for future use.

Poke Memory (Numbers and Types)

0 ≤ Poke_Value < 256 - 8 bits
256 ≤ Poke_Value < 65536 - 16 bits
65536 ≤ Poke_Value < 4294967296 - 32 bits

Automatic means that FAST Defrag will automatically detect the representation bits (8, 16, 32) based on the intervals above.

Automatic is not always the best choice and here is why: Number 13 (for example) is not necessary to be represented on 8 bits. For most games or programs we recommend trying for 32 bits representations even if you search for 8 or 16 bits numbers like 13, 1300, 13000. If FAST Defrag cannot find a 32 bit variable containing your number then try automatic. If you search for an eight bits variable you cannot poke it with a number greater than 255. 256 will be 0, 257 will be 1 and so on.

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