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You can change the language setting by clicking on the flag displayed in the top-right part of the main window or the Language Selection link in the About dialog.

Language Translation

In the directory where you installed FAST Defrag you will find another directory called "Languages". FAST Defrag will automatically search for language initialization files (Files with .INI extension). You can name them as you wish, but it is recommended that the given name may be accordingly to the language that you wish to translate. Double click on the INI file and you can automatically edit it from notepad. There is an easy way to do this without searching through directories. Click on Language Selection and choose Edit. Don't forget that you have to use the "Save As" option when you save your new document because "Save" will overwrite the current edited language. Before proceeding please read carefully the instruction from the beginning of the INI file. After finishing the translation of the INI file or the documentation file, please send us the modified files so we can publish them on our web site.

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